Most modern homes and new homes can benefit tremendously from having a central vacuum installed. Vacuum cleaning is a part of your daily tasks. If there are children and pets at home, then there is most likely more dirt brought into the home each day. The requirement of vacuum cleaners has become essential for every household.

Choosing a central vacuum cleaning system is an easier, and more convenient choice rather than using a regular vacuum cleaner. A central vacuum is built within the home with the main unit located in the basement, garage or utility room. PVC pipes run through the walls. If your house doesn’t have central vacuum system then, there is nothing to worry because it is fairly easy to install without any damage or mess.

The biggest decision is choosing the right vacuum based on your specific needs and most importantly, the size of your house. The biggest advantage of these central vacuum systems is that they are more efficient, portable, have more power, and are convenient to handle. All you have to do is plug in the hose and the rest of the task will be completed by its suction power. It gives you freedom to clean your space without any hassle, as there is no need to wrestle and struggle with bulky upright vacuums. This also makes the resale value of the home go up when it comes to selling your home.

When installing a central vacuum system in Long Island, you can install it yourself if you choose or have our professionals do it for you.  At Custom Vacuum Systems, we are one of the leading providers of professional and prompt services for installation of central vacuum systems in existing, as well as newly built homes. Comprised of all types of models and brands, we have central vacuum accessories like cleaning kits, bags, hoses, hose management solutions, belts, power heads, filters and much more.

At Custom Vacuum Systems, our team of skilled technicians are ready to help you find the right custom vacuum supplies for your vacuum cleaning system, matching your needs and budget. Make sure that every room is being cleaned properly and you are giving your home a healthy and clean environment. Service.  For same day central vacuum service in Long Island or for more information on our installations, contact us today.