While cleaning the house, one of the biggest challenges anyone faces is the constant lugging of cleaning supplies, and a vacuum cleaner around the house. The solution to this problem? A central vacuum system.

Central vacuum systems are beneficial to every household as you won’t have to carry the vacuum up and down the stairs. There is no need to purchase multiple cleaners or even deal with underpowered handheld vacuum cleaners.

You want to choose the best central vacuum system to fulfill your specific needs. A central vacuum system, such as Hide-A-Hose, installed inside your home like central air-conditioning offers ease in vacuuming wherever you want with little or no fuss or mess.

If you have a large home with many rooms, pets and children, this vacuum system gives you the freedom to clean your spaces without any hassle and also upgrades the resale value. A central vacuum system is a single, impressive and powerful unit made up of different parts installed in a part of your home that is not used regularly like basement or garage. There are tubes that stem out of the power unit and are placed within most walls of your home, which eliminates the need to carry the entire vacuum cleaner with you from one room to another.

If you want to install the best central vacuum system in your home, we can help.  As one of the leading central vacuum companies in Long Island, with over 40 years of experience in central vacuum service, repairs and installations, we can provide you with the best central vacuum system for your needs.   Our store is comprised with all the central vacuum accessories and supplies to fulfill all your requirements like bags, filters, cleaning kits, hoses, hose management solutions, power heads, belts, and of almost all brands including Vacuflo and Hide-A-Hose.

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