Tired of carrying that upright vacuum around the house, and up and down your stairs? When you’re done you need to find a place to store the bulky vacuum. Now, with central vacuum systems, you can keep your home clean without the hassle of carrying a heavy vacuum around.

So, What are the Benefits of a Central Vacuum System?

Besides a central vacuum system being easy to use, it also provides many great benefits. They clean your home much more thoroughly in the hard to reach places, and all dust particles are released outside and not back into the home. Central vacuum systems are also much more quieter than your standard vacuum, so you can clean the floors without interrupting the rest of your family members.

When to Install a Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum system can be installed in both new homes and existing homes. In fact, the installation process is often done with no damage or mess. We can complete the installation of a central vacuum system within one day.

If you would like, you can also purchase our DIY installation kit. They are both easy and affordable.

Which Central Vacuum System Should I Choose?

There are many different types of central vacuum systems such as Vacuflo. You want to decide which power unit is best for you and how many inlets you need in your home. Our dedicated professionals can help you determine which system is best for your home.

If you haven’t already decided to make the switch to a central vacuum system in your home, we can help answer any of your questions. We also specialize in central vacuum service and repairs. Contact our Long Island central vacuum showroom today for more information.