Having a pet is a wonderful thing. They bring love and joy to your home, but with all of that happiness, pets can also bring a mess. From accidents to pet hair, you will find yourself cleaning up after them often, so why not make it a little easier on yourself.

In your home, pet hair can build up on your furniture. One of the powerheads that can help remove the hair from upholstery and stairs is the Rugrat turbine handbrush.Garage Vac for Web

When bringing your dog or cat to the vet, dog park or just for a joyride, your car interior can fill up with pet hair. The Rugrat turbine handbrush also works great for the car interior, but you might also consider getting the Vroom Garage Vac. This standalone vacuum can hang in your garage and be used to clean the garage, car interior, boats, campers or anything else. It makes vacuuming much easier.

Don’t let your pet’s hair leave a mess in your home or car, buying a central vacuum system or a standalone Vroom Garage Vac can help. Not sure which one is best for you? Contact our central vacuum system professionals. We will guide you to the best central vacuum and accessories.