Vacuuming your home is a necessary task. However, after lugging the vacuum around the house, you may find the room to have even more dust than when you began. You may also find that your upright vacuum loses the power and every few years you have to purchase a new one.

So, what’s the easier way to vacuum your house? Installing a central vacuum system have proven to have many benefits. In fact, many people are now choosing to install a central vacuum system in their home.  So, what are the benefits?

  1. Easy to Use – When it comes to a central vacuum system, you no longer have to carry a heavy vacuum from room to room. You can simply attach the hose to the outlet in the wall of the room you are cleaning. If you have a Hide-a-Hose system, the hose will retract right back into the wall.  Therefore, you only need to carry any necessary accessories. There are no longer power cords stretching across the room.
  2. Less Noise – The motor for a central vacuum system is often located in the basement or garage. This way any noise produced is hidden, so you can vacuum while family members are talking on the phone or watching TV.
  3. Cleaner Air – With a standard upright vacuum, the allergens are often recycled back into the air. However, with a central vacuum system, the allergens are exhausted outdoors, leaving your home cleaner and dust free.
  4. More Power – A central vacuum system is known for its powerful motor and strong suction. They are able to extract dust and dirt deep in the carpet.
  5. Easy to Install – Central vacuum systems are quite easy to install. At Custom Vacuum Systems we can often install them within one day with no damage or mess. Whether you have an existing home or new construction, we can install a central vacuum system quickly and easily.

A central vacuum system has proven to have many benefits. If you are thinking about installing a central vacuum system in your home, contact us today for more information.