If you are interested in a central vacuum system, then you may have heard about Hide-a-Hose, the future of central vacuums. Hide-a-hose makes the already convenient central vacuum system even more convenient.

So, what exactly is Hide-a-Hose and how does it work?

Hide-a-Hose solves the issue of storing and carrying around your central vacuum hose. Now, your hose can be concealed within the wall and all you need to do is pull it out in the room you want to clean. Once you are done cleaning that room, the suction from the central vacuum power unit will retract the hose right back into the wall.

With Hide-a-Hose you don’t have to worry about carrying the hose from room to room. Everything you need to vacuum your room is concealed within the wall. It makes vacuuming even easier!

As the representatives for Hide-a-Hose, we are authorized installers and can install your Hide-a-Hose central vacuum system quickly and easily. We highly recommend this retractable hose system and we can even incorporate it into your old central vacuum system.

With Hide-a-Hose your vacuum is always at hand when you need it. If you thought having a central vacuum system was even more convenient than having an upright vacuum, then wait until you get Hide-a-Hose installed.

Whether you are looking to install Hide-a-Hose in a new construction home or existing home, contact us today. We perform installations with little to no mess. If you are interested in installing Hide-a-Hose yourself, check out our DIY kit.

To learn more about Hide-a-Hose or our installation services, contact us today at 631-544-0740.