You may have heard about central vacuum systems in the home and how beneficial they are to homeowners. However, are you unsure how they work or how to install a central vacuum system? It is actually as simple as it sounds.

The central vacuum system is broken up into three parts. The main section is the power unit. The power unit is often placed in a utility closet, basement or garage. It provides the suction power and also helps keep the air quality cleaner in your home.

The power unit is connected to all of the piping, which runs through the home. The piping is hidden in the walls and there is an outlet in each room to attach the hose and other accessories. If you have a Hide-a-Hose central vacuum system, the hose retracts into the wall. You can pull the hose out of the wall and when you are done cleaning the room, the hose will retract back into the wall.

A central vacuum system is said to have many benefits including cleaner air, and no longer having to carry around a heavy vacuum system. If you are looking to install a central vacuum system in your home, we can help. The installation is often completed within one day and is done with minimum damage or mess.

At Custom Vacuum Systems, we provide installation and repair to all central vacuum systems in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. To learn more about our services or to get a central vacuum system installed in your home, contact us today.