Vacuuming is a common chore that can be done a few times a week in your home, especially in high traffic areas.  Central vacuums have become more prevalent in the home. However, more people are questioning what the real benefits of a central vacuum system is and why they should install a central vacuum in their home.

First, a central vacuum system can be installed quickly. At Custom Vacuum Systems, we perform installations in both new and existing homes throughout Nassau county and Suffolk county.  Our installations are often completed within one day and there is little to no damage or mess.

Central vacuum systems are built to last. They are very durable and have powerful and long-lasting motors. They also have up to five times more cleaning power than standard vacuums. If you do need to replace a part or accessory, our central vacuum store is fully stocked. You can purchase through our online shop or by visiting our central vacuum showroom in Suffolk County.

In addition to the quick installation and durability, central vacuum systems are also beneficial to the air quality inside your home. They eliminate dust particles that circulate in your home because the vacuums are often vented outdoors.

Of course, the top benefit of a central vacuum system is the convenience. With a central vacuum, you do not have to lug a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs. You  can simply plug the house into an inlet valve in the room you are planning to vacuum.

As  the top central vacuum store in Long Island, we specialize in installations, central vacuum service and repairs. For a free estimate on central vacuum installation, contact us today. If you are in need of parts or accessories, visit our online store.