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basementinstallA VACUFLO system can be installed in any home. The system is laid out according to the size and design of your home. The VACUFLO system works by transporting dirt and dust particles through a network of tubes that run through the walls to the power unit. Tubing can be installed during construction of your new home or added to your existing home. No structural modifications are needed to install the system. Installation can usually be completed in less than one day. The power unit can be located in a basement, garage, crawl space, or utility room. Inlet valves are placed for whole-house coverage and maximum cleaning convenience.

The system’s exhaust is vented to the outside preventing dirt, dust and vacuum odors from recirculating into your home. 

We know how to install vacuum systems. Specializing in new and existing construction for over 50 years.

Builders know us for our professional, on-time installations. Homeowners know us for lifelong vacuum installations in under a day with no damage or mess.