Vacuflo is one of the most popular central vacuum systems and has been providing whole-house cleaning power since 1948.  Vacuflo central vacuums provide many benefits including hose management solutions, such as Hide-a-Hose.  Vacuflo also provides filtration methods and improved air quality.

Vacuflo’s filtration methods include true cyclonic power, filtered cyclonic power and Maxum replaceable filter bag units.  No matter which unit you have or choose, Vacuflo works to eliminate dust, dirt and allergens from your home.

Just like any central vacuum system, Vacuflo also requires service and may require repair in order to ensure your system is working properly.  Fortunately, Vacuflo is easy to work with and replacing parts is often quite easy.

One part of your Vacuflo system is the Turbocat turbine powerhead.  The TurboCat harnesses the airflow of the VACUFLO system for deep, thorough cleaning.  You might find that you need to replace the belt or brushroll inside the Turbocat.  This can be done easily by removing the bottom cover of the Turbocat.

Other parts that you might need to replace include central vacuum filters, bags, and hoses.  At Custom Vacuum Systems we provide these replacement parts for you in our online central vacuum store.

At Custom Vacuum Systems, we also provide same-day central vacuum service for all brands in Long Island.  Our service includes a thorough power-unit check to ensure it is running at its best.  We also check for hose leaks, as well as check all accessories and wall plates.

If you have a problem with your central vacuum system and would like to repair it yourself, feel free to call us.  Our experts can help you over the phone.

For more information on our replacement products, central vacuum service in Long Island, or Vacuflo installation, contact us today.