vacuflosliderKnown as one of the most powerful central vacuum systems, Vacuflo offers many benefits including healthy indoor air.  Vacuflo is known as one of the most popular central vacuum brands.  They are cost-effective, providing power and convenience.

There are many benefits of using a central vacuum over a portable vacuum.  These benefits include:

Power – Unlike portable vacuums, central vacuum units are able to pick up dirt and dust from deep down in your carpet.  They are also able to pick up pollen, mold spores and dust mites.  Often times after using an upright vacuum, you will see dust particles in the air.  Vacuflo helps to eliminate these particles by removing 100% all vacuumed dirt.  This also helps to improve air quality.

Convenience – Let’s face it, nobody likes to lug around the heavy upright vacuum.  With a long cord you have to carry around as you vacuum and the worry that you will accidentally nick your furniture, upright vacuums are not too convenient.  Vacuflo and other central vacuum systems are easy to carry and provide quick, convenient cleaning.  With Hide-a-Hose, you can simply pull the hose out of the wall in the room you are cleaning and when you are done, the hose retracts right back into the wall.

Less Noise – When it comes to Vacuflo, the power unit is often placed in a closet, basement or garage.  Therefore, the noise generated by the central vacuum is often out of the way.  Unlike an upright vacuum, which is noisy in the room you are cleaning, the central vacuum system is quiet enough to vacuum in the same room as someone who is sleeping or watching TV.

Cost and Installation – Most central vacuum systems can be installed within one day with little to no mess or damage.  At Custom Vacuum Systems, we specialize in central vacuum installation in both new homes and existing homes.  Vacuflo installation has proven to be affordable and because of the long life of a central vacuum system, it has proven to be a wise consumer choice over an upright vacuum.

At Custom Vacuum Systems, we provide our customers with installation, service and central vacuum parts.  If you are interested in having a Vacuflo installed in your home, contact us today.