There is no doubt that having a central vacuum system in your home is very convenient, as well as environmentally friendly for you and your family.  The simple thought of no longer having to lug around an upright vacuum has probably peaked your interest in a central vacuum system.  However, many people shy away from installing on in their home because they are afraid of cutting into walls, the damage and the mess.

One of the biggest misconceptions about installing a central vacuum system in your home is that it is very invasive. However, often times this process can be completed within one day without tearing apart your walls.

There are three main components of a central vacuum system. First, the power unit is installed in a utility closet, basement or garage. By doing so, the dust and allergens are not recycled back into the home, which keeps your home much cleaner and dust free.  Next, PVC tubing is installed in the walls and floor joists. This connects the power unit to the inlet valves.

When operating your central vacuum system, simply hook your hose up to the inlet valve and get started. It’s that easy.  At Custom Vacuum Systems we provide installations that are usually completed in one day in the Nassau and Suffolk county areas.  With our extensive experience, we guarantee that all Long Island central vacuum installations will be completed without any mess.

If you feel comfortable installing the central vacuum system on your own, you can also purchase our DIY kit.  To learn more about central vacuum system installations or to get start on your installation, contact us today.