InstallationMaintaining your home is no easy task. Constantly cleaning supplies and a heavy vacuum cleaner around to complete tedious chores around the house is one of the biggest challenges that everyone faces. Something that should be relatively simple seems like a daunting task!

If you are tired of or hate lugging your heavy machine from room to room, or even floor to floor in order to vacuum, then you might consider having a central vacuum system installed in your home.  These hi-tech systems not only make vacuuming much easier, but they also increase your home’s value.

Owning a central vacuum system can give you an endless number of benefits. Superior vacuuming power, improved cleaning time, less maintenance, longevity, cleaner indoor air, and ease of use are just a few of them.  One of the biggest advantages of central vacuum installations is that it cleans your home better. The central vacuum system is lightweight, has a large trash capacity, and does not require power cords. These vacuums are basically noiseless because the motor is located in another area of the home like the garage or basement, which makes the vacuum essentially soundless.

If you are wondering how to install central vacuum system in your home,  don’t worry because there are many professionals who have complete knowledge and experience installing central vacuums in your home.  Custom Vacuum Systems has a team of experts who can install your central vacuum system in both new and existing homes within one day with no damage or mess.

If you are interested in installing your central vacuum system, we also provide Do-It-Yourself kits. These kits are complete with power units, attachments, pipe fittings and inlet valves and are surprisingly affordable with no installation costs. Installation manuals, tip sheets and their knowledgeable staff will make it easier for you to install. Hide-A-Hose kits are also available with personalized instructions.

At Custom Vaccum Systems, we also provide fast, reliable, and professional central vacuum service for all makes and models.  Comprised with all the central vacuum accessories like bags, filters, cleaning kits, hoses, hose management solutions, power heads, belts, our online store also provides an extensive amount of central vacuum supplies.

For more information about central vacuum installation or central vacuum supplies, contact our experts today.