This is a VACUFLO Frost/Gray TurboCat PowerHead. The TurboCat is a powerful, air driven turbine powerhead that uses the airflow of your central vacuum system to provide for a deep cleaning of your carpets. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, making cleaning under and around furniture a breeze.

Some of the features included in this VACUFLO TurboCat Powerhead are:

High Speed Turbine and Shaft for Power

The TurboCat’s turbine wheel generates the air power required for superior cleaning performance. The turbine shaft includes a unique design that prevents belt breakage. The shaft has a smooth step-down feature that allows the belt to disengage from the belt drive if something should become obstructed in the TurboCat.

Exclusive DeepSweep Agitator

The DeepSweep Agitator was created to efficiently bring embedded dirt to the surface, so it can easily be vacuumed away. The staggered bristle design allows constant contact of bristle to carpet. The crimpled bristles effectively separate carpet fibers allowing airflow to pickup and remove deep, and embedded dirt.

Non-slip Cogged Drive Belt

Turbine power is relayed to the high velocity DeepSweep Agitator by a specially designed coffed belt drive. The belt reduces slippage for more consistent performance, and outlives the conventional flat belts used on most electric powerheads.

Wide Vacuum Path with Double Edge Cleaning

The large 13” vacuum path provides superior cleaning performance with the exclusive T-shape design. The unique T-design allows for easy maneuvering around and under furniture and true edge cleaning, even against baseboards.

System Performance Indicator

Since the TurboCat needs airflow in order to operate, it works as a gauge of your central vacuum system performance. If the system airflow is impeded, the TurboCat will slow down, letting the user know that the central vacuum is not operating at maximum efficiency. The drop in airflow could be attributed to clogged piping, filters, or an overfilled bag. Electric powerheads will not gauge restricted airflow in the system as the motor will keep rotating the brush roller even though there is little dirt actually being picked up because of a lack in airflow.


If you have carpet in your home, the powerhead you use is a very important decision to make. This central vacuum powerhead is lightweight, easy to use, and has low maintenance requirements and is a great choice for cleaning your home.

This powerhead does not require electricity