NEW GENUINE Vacuflo 560 / 960 Replacement Ametek Lamb Motor 117549-07. The – 07 simply implies that the fan blades have been adjusted in order to give the motor longer life and to keep it from being damaged by intake dirt

Motor to replace the following models:

  • Vacuflo 560
  • Vacuflo 960 (Uses 2 of these motors)

(If your unit uses 2 motors, then you may want to replace both motors at the same time as Ametek motors are designed to operate up to 600 hours before they need replacing. If one motor has failed the other will most likely fail shortly thereafter. It is much easier to replace them both now and save the time and effort)

Vacuum motors are not a difficult part to replace. The extent of changing this motor out yourself simply involves unplugging the unit, undoing 3 wires, taking the motor out, putting in a new motor, and reconnecting the 3 wires. If you are unsure, we recommend taking a picture of the wiring of your existing motor prior to removing -this picture will serve as a reference if you have any trouble remembering which wires go where.