This Black Toe Kick Dustpan is one of the only vacuum dustpans out there that features a flush (no protrusions) finished look. Some of the features of the dustpan include:

  • Easy to access / repair / installation. Can be installed without the need for an access panel in the cabinets above. The central vacuum piping is installed into the back of the dustpan allowing you to simply undo 2 screws and pull the dustpan out. Other Dustpans connect to the central vacuum piping at the top making it very difficult to access for work and/ or replace, and require cutting cabinet access panels.
  • A flush finished look with no protruding pieces that someone can accidentally hit. Surface screws are hidden. Very durable design.
  • Very easy and convenient to use, vacuum away dirt in seconds. No need to grab a hose when you have the toe kick dustpan installed.
  • Suction automatically starts / stops upon opening or closing the door flap with your foot
  • Spring loaded / dual rubber sealed door allows for incredible seal integrity
  • Color: Black

Color Availabilty: Black, Silver, White