central vacAre you tired of moving your vacuum cleaner from one place to another? Are you frustrated that it is not cleaning the dust like it was promised by your salesperson? Well! If it is the case, then you should get a central vacuum installed in your home which will eliminate all your stress and tiredness.

There are good chances if you invest in a high quality vacuum cleaner you will save money and unnecessary hassle in the long run. There are various professional companies that could help you  maintain your home cleanliness, and you can easily search them on the internet. Custom Vacuum Systems has a team of trained technicians who are experienced in installation of one of the market’s top brands- VACUFLO.

Our professionals specialize in new and existing buildings for over 40 years and can install VACUFLO in any home. The power unit can be located in a basement, garage, crawl space, or utility room according to the size and design of your home.

This system works by transporting dirt and dust particles through a network of tubes that run through the walls to the power unit. The system’s exhaust is vented to the outside preventing dirt, dust and vacuum odors from recirculating into your home. Our experts are proficient in on-time installations of central vacuum systems in less than one day without any mess or damage.

If you are looking for central vacuum hoses online in New York, then visit Custom Vacuum Systems as we have a wide range of hoses that include 30’ TurboGrip hose, 30’ Ultralite Hose and E-Z Grip Hose available at very reasonable prices.

You can also use Hide-a-Hose for that inconvenient problem of needing to store or carry around. There is an inlet from where you can pull out the hose when in use and when you are finished, the suction from your central vacuum retracts the hose back into the wall and stores itself within the PVC tubing. For more information contact us today.