Universal 30′ Electric Central Vacuum Hose – Electrical Cord Style

For questions concerning your hose style, or to make a special hose length request, please call our office at 631-544-0740. We will be more than happy to help!

NOTE: This hose works with with most style inlets / ports and with ELECTRIC powerheads (please double check the style of inlet / powerhead that you have before you purchase this item).

Included is the following:

  • UNIVERSAL 30 foot Electric Hose (Electrical Cord) with a 3-position on/off control switch to control the on/off feature of your central vacuum and also to turn on/off your electric powerhead. Features a comfortable grip style handle, 360 degree swivel feature for ease of use, button lock connection for wands, and an air relief valve for suction control

This electric central vacuum hose is designed to work with most inlets, but requires you to plug in a 6’ extension cord – the electrical cord fits into a normal household wall outlet so that the 3-position switch on the handle allows control of the on/off function of an electric driven powerhead such as our Acclaim powerhead, while the metal low voltage ring connection on the end of the hose will allow for on/off function of the central vacuum.

We also sell this Vacuum Hose in a 35 foot version. Please see our store selection for our other products available.