Afternoon folks! I would like to extend a very big welcome to our first ever Custom Vacuum Systems blog entry! I’ve finally gotten some time on the computer to write a first entry so let’s jump right into it.

Why I Love My Central Vacuum

I’ve come up with a list of 7 reasons why I absolutely need to have a central vacuum in my home and why I refuse to ever buy a portable vacuum cleaner again. I’m constantly trying to explain to friends what a central vacuum does exactly, and why it’s worth it to pay a little extra for one rather than buying a clunky piece of plastic bound to break within a year – so here’s my list!


#1 Vacuuming Out My Car

Besides all of the vacuum inlets installed within the interior of my home, I also have them installed in my garage – this allows me to back my car into my garage, whip out a hose with an attachment, and plug it in right then and there! I can easily vacuum out any of the dog hair stuck to the upholstery and clean up all of my crumbs off the floor from the past 2 months of quick lunches. I really need to put this at the top of the list because it’s why I personally love having a central vacuum – a cheap plastic car vacuum pales in comparison to a central vac.


#2 My Central Vacuum Is Light!

Honestly, I really don’t enjoy vacuuming and I’m sure you don’t either –When the time comes to inevitably clean my house, the last thing I want to do is drag around this clunky heavy piece of plastic throughout the house. A central vacuum hose on the other hand only weighs about 2 pounds – add on the attachments and you’re still looking at a weight significantly less than an upright. Also for any of those Hide-A-Hose users out there, I’m sure you can attest to this since you have it even easier (Hide-A-Hose doesn’t even require you to carry a hose anymore since it just pulls right out of the wall). Pretty convenient if I do say so myself…


#3 Allergies, Dust, Asthma, etc.

Number 3! I don’t even have asthma but the partial dust that comes out of a vacuum’s exhaust sometimes really gets to me. My central vacuum exhaust is piped directly outside of my house – giving me fresh, clean air. Easy enough, moving on.


#4 My Dog Still Doesn’t Understand That My Couch Is Off-Limits

Don’t worry, I know it’s my fault for not being strict enough about it, but my dog absolutely destroys my couch with dog hair. However, It only takes me but a few minutes to use the central vacuum to make it look perfectly clean again (by the way for anyone who wants to know, I use the rugrat turbine powerhead attachment. This thing works wonders and is my most needed tool).


#5 High Quality Vacuum That Doesn’t Break

I’ve had this same power unit for close to 15 years and it’s still working like a champ. I can’t tell you enough how nice it is to not have a vacuum breaking on me every year.


#6 I Can Vacuum My House In About 15 Minutes

This is of course only possible when my dog isn’t viciously attacking my vacuum and preventing me from getting the job done. I can honestly say that once I get past the point of being annoyed about needing to vacuum, I can get it done pretty fast and move on with my day.



#7 My Vacuum is Incredibly Quiet

As long as my dog doesn’t seeeee that im vacuuming, I’m pretty much in the clear. A Vacuflo central vacuum is incredibly quiet – especially when you’re vacuuming hardwood floors.