Let’s face it, cleaning your house is most likely not on your list of “fun and exciting things to do,” but it is on your list of “things to do.”  Lugging an upright vacuum from room to room, and up and down the stairs can be annoying, heavy and time-consuming.  A central vacuum system with a retractable hose could be the solution you are looking for.

A central vacuum system is one of the most powerful and quiet cleaning systems that will rid your house of dirt, allergens and other debris.  It will also help you clean your home quickly and with minimal effort.

A Hide-a-Hose central vacuum is incredibly convenient because the hose is retractable and is concealed in the wall of each room.  You can simply pull the hose out, attach your accessories and vacuum the room.  Once you are finished you just return the hose to the wall.

Besides being timely and convenient, Hide-a-Hose central vacuums are also very efficient and powerful.   You will no longer need to carry an upright vacuum around the house or carry a hose from room to room while cleaning.

Hide-a-Hose installation can easily be done in brand new homes or pre-existing homes.   If you choose, you can also install it yourself with the Hide-A-Hose DIY kit.  These kits are easy and affordable, and include all of the instructions, power units, attachments and pipe fittings you need.  If you currently have a central vacuum system in your home, you can also incorporate Hide-a-Hose to that system quickly and easily.

It’s time to make cleaning fast, easy and fun.  Let Hide-a-Hose do all the hard work.  If you have any questions about Hide-a-Hose installations, or hide-a-hose parts, contact us today.